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Founded in 2011, Ficient Global is a leading provider of various events and services related to trade compliance, export control, customs, tax and other international trade related matters. Our mission is to enhance the comprehensive capability of compliance management, risk control, budget planning, import & export operation for our membership.

China Customs & Tax Summit

Global Trade Compliance (China) Summit

Global Export Control (China) Summit

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Ficient Global is dedicated to provide well-designed and up-to-date events and services tailored to membership’s practical needs. Nearly a hundred online and on-site activities each year divided into three pillars:

Customs Management & Compliance

Trade Controls and Compliance

Market Access & Technical Compliance

Comprehensive events and services:

The Global Trade Compliance Summit

The Global Export Control Summit

The China Customs & Tax Summit

Online & on-site training courses / seminars

Live and on-demand webinars

In-house trainings

Customized consulting services

Mainly focus on:

Trade Controls and Compliance

Advanced Management of Trade Compliance

Legal Affairs in International Trade

Practice of Import & Export Operation

Basic Skills of International Trade

Tariffs and Customs Commodity Classification

Origins and FTAs

Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing

AEO Certification and Compliance

Certification, Accreditation and Technical Compliance

Processing Trade & Bonded Administration

Financial and Tax Management

Experts: guest speakers, course instructors and consultants

We work with dozens of experienced and specialized experts all over the world including Greater China, U.S., EU, Asia Pacific, etc.

Come from:

Renowned and leading consulting firms and law firms

Senior compliance officer from multinational companies

Officials of authorities

Experts from professional organizations, technology centers, research institutes, certification centers and inspection agencies

Clients and members

Currently Ficient Global provides services for more than 1000 companies. Among them, more than 300 companies renew their membership in successive years.

More than 80 percent of our clients (including members) are multinational companies mainly headquartered in Europe and U.S. across a wide range of industries such as mechatronics, chemicals, automotive, food, garment, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, aviation, semiconductor, building materials, new materials, trade, logistics, etc.




Ficient Global was founded and successfully held tens of events including boutique small-class trainings, thematic conferences and half-day seminars, etc.


Ficient Global created brand-new content categories of trainings in the field of customs and trade compliance and established an exclusive course structure.

Company Milestones


Ficient Global hosted “China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Forum” and created the new event form of “MeetUp”, which provides customs and trade compliance practitioners with a new way of learning and networking. The number of participants of all the events throughout the year exceeded 1000.



Ficient Global hosted “The 1st Asia-Pacific Trade Compliance Summit” and “The 1st China International Trade Management Forum” and started to form the brand influence in the field of customs and trade compliance trainings.

Ficient Global held the MeetUps in Beijing and Shenzhen in addition to Shanghai to meet the needs of clients in more areas.

Ficient Global hosted “The 1st China Customs and Tax Summit” and made it as a summit brand “CCTS” of Ficient Global.


Ficient Global made a breakthrough in course planning and the number of training courses and events throughout the year increased by three times, which established Ficient’s leading position in the field of customs and trade compliance trainings. The number of participants of all the events throughout the year exceeded 2000.


MeetUps started to be held live online. “The 1st Export Control (China) Summit” is hosted, which became another renowned summit brand of Ficient Global.


Ficient Global developed and successfully held the new event form of “Webinar”, which laid the foundation of running online products. The number of participants of all the events throughout the year exceeded 3000.


Ficient Global successfully switched the in-person courses to online courses under the outbreak of COVID-19. And the summits started the operation of linking overseas speakers online globally.



Ficient Global launched the “Ficient Online Academy” and started to provide consulting services in the field of customs and international trade with our rich professional resources. We also upgraded the contents and qualities of “Customs & Trade Compliance Express” and “Ficient Special Report”. Ficient Global has been entering into another fast-developing period.

Ficient Global expanded the courses and events to 12 content categories under 3 main subjects in the field of customs and trade compliance, further developed the consulting services, and upgraded the “Ficient Online Academy”. Ficient Global is always on the way of providing various high-quality products and services. 



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